Kik messenger – An easy application for IOS phone

kik messenger hack

In the current scenario, social networking sites have become quite common messaging app. More number of people make use of the new messenger to check out with its features and functionalities. In this regard, Kik messenger hack from is a messaging app which allows you to share everything with your closed ones at free of cost.
The interface of this app is quite simple and user friendly, a natural texting box and a list of contacts, so that you won’t be having any issue with searching for your requirement. You can be easily able to synchronize your phone contacts with this app. Here, in Kik messenger, you won’t be making use of your phone number instead you will be using a Kik hack login name to connect with other Kik user. In fact, this is quite simpler and one of the best apps to maintain privacy with the people whom you don’t want to share your contact number.
Though all the features and functionalities are quite similar to other messaging app, the Kik messaging app allows you to embed any videos to share in the chat box. Though it seems to be very simple, yet it has all the necessary features for a messaging app. This app is very useful and comes handy to stay in touch with our friends in IOS devices.

Navigating a Brag Page

When you open a Brag Page, you are presented with a screen similar to:

Brag page layout

If you like what you see, don’t forget to Share the Page with your friends!

Sharing a brag page

If you are logged in, you will also see the “Favorites” options on the right side menu, where you can add the Brag Page or the entire Brag Book to your “My Favorites” menu.

Brag page favorites

You will also be able to Post a Comment, availble directly underneath the Brag Page.

Post comments

You can left click on media items to drag them around the page. If you hover your mouse over the corner of a media item, the corners will turn a shade of blue. Clicking and dragging the corners allows you to resize or rotate the media item.

Double clicking on media items zooms and rotates them to fit the Brag Page area and allows you to see any description given to it. Double clicking on a media item that is already zoomed in will return it to its previous position.

Rotate and resize

Similarly, if you hover your mouse over the top-left or bottom right corners of the content area, they will turn a shade of gold. Clicking and dragging in this mode allows you to turn the pages of the Brag Book (assuming a previous or next page exists).

Turn page

If you right-click (Internet Explorer only!) or CTRL-click on the content area, you are presented with a context menu, depending on what was clicked on.

If you right-clicked on a media item:

Media item context menu

  • Download downloads the media item as a JPEG or WMV file, depending on whether or not it is an image or a movie.
  • Look Closer zooms in on the media item. This can also be performed by double-clicking on the media item. If the item is already zoomed in, there will be an option to Undo Zoom (double-clicking will perform this function as well).
  • Move to Original Position resets the position of the media item to its original state.
  • Enter Full Screen Mode – See section on Full Screen Mode.

If you right-clicked on the background:

  • Download All downloads all media items on the page as a ZIP file.
  • Reset Page resets the page to its original state.
  • Enter Full Screen Mode – See section on Full Screen Mode.

Full Screen Mode

Full screen mode brings the current Brag Page full screen. In this mode, you can no longer turn pages or bring up the context menu. To exit the Full Screen Mode, press the “Escape” key.

Creating a New Brag Book

To create a new Brag Book you must create a user account and be logged into The Bragosphere. When you are, you will see the My Brag Books link on the main menu. Clicking on this will open the following page.

Here you will see a list of Brag Books you have already created. To create a new Brag Book, click the link on the right side menu. The following page will appear.

The “Edit Brag Book” page allows you to edit the title of your brag book, assign security permissions, add, delete, or reorder Brag Pages. Since you are creating a new Brag Book, you will not see a list of existing Brag Pages. For now, enter a new Brag Book Name at the top (or use the generated name), set the desired permissions, click “Save Book” and then click “Add New Page“. You will see a slightly different version of the “Brag Page” screen, containing the following new options.

The title bar is now editable. You can enter a new title and description for the Brag Page you are creating, or you can leave the generated ones. You can also upload media items to the Brag Page here. Clicking “Upload Files” will open a file dialog where you can select one or more compatible media files to add to the Brag Page. After the files are selected, they will be uploaded to The Bragosphere and you will be presented with a progress bar and a thumbnail showing the file currently being uploaded. Go ahead and upload some files to your Brag Page. As each file is uploaded, it is added to the Brag Page. Once all files are complete (or you have canceled the upload), the “Available Media” menu will display all of the media you uploaded. Please Refer to the Terms of Service  for appropriate content.

You can add a description to each file you uploaded by double-clicking on each individual item to zoom in on it. A description box will appear, allowing you to give the item a description.

If desired, you can change the Brag Page background by using the “Backgrounds” menu. Go ahead and save your Brag Page by clicking “Save Page” on the right hand menu.

The page context menu options have also changed appropriately. The new options are detailed below.

If you right-clicked on a media item:

  • Delete deletes the media item from the Brag Page. This can also be accomplished by clicking the appropriate red Delete button in the “Available Media” right side menu.

If you right-clicked on the background:

  • Backgrounds lets you change the Brag Page background.

That’s it! Enjoy your new Brag Book! You can add new pages to the Brag Book at any time either on the “Edit Brag Book” page or on one of the Brag Pages contained within the Brag Book.

Brag Page Permissions

Brag page permissions encompass three different scenarios: Public, Groups, and Private. If marked Public, the Brag Book or Brag Page is viewable by the general public either by looking at your user profile, or in search results. If assigned to specific Groups, they will only be visible by users assigned to the specified groups and viewable in those users’ “My Brag Books” menu. To create groups click on the “My Groups” option on the main menu. If not marked public or assigned to groups, the Brag Book or Brag Page is marked “Private” and is viewable only by you.

Brag Page permissions can be set at two different levels – at the Brag Book level or the Brag Page level. To edit permissions at the Brag Page level, click the “Edit Permissions” link at the right side of your Brag Page. The following menu will be presented.

The same options are presented here as at the Brag Book level. This allows you to override your Brag Book security settings for the individual Brag Page. This is very useful when you are creating a Brag Book with multiple pages with different target audiences. For example, if you are creating a Brag Book about your latest vacation, you might have a set Brag Pages you wish to share with the general public, such as general photos of buildings or landscapes. You might also have some pages intended for friends and family containing pictures of yourself and friends, and even more for close family only. To set these permissions, you can mark the Brag Book public, then go to the pages intended for friends and family and assign them to the appropriate groups.