Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone Release Date

First, Samsung has improved the design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone. It is easier to hold, easier lifting from the table, has a fingerprint reader built better and “hump” is less evidence room. The phone will look very familiar to those who saw an Samsung Galaxy S7 clone before, but feel improvements. Retains the same screen size of 5.1 inches, the same technology and the same resolution Super AMOLED HD quad and is as spectacular as its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone

S7 Edge Clone received a significant update in May. The new screen is larger and has a diagonal of 5.5 inches with a curvature better integrated into the phone body. The phone can be used easily with one hand thanks to curved shape and, seated next to other phones with the same dimensions, it seems surprisingly small.

Both phones include microSD card slots in addition to the internal memory of 32 GB. In addition, this year the two top terminals have become resistant to water and dust. In addition S7 range are based on the outstanding performance of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with the 4 GB of RAM. Visit for more specs of Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone and S7 Edge Clone.

And the battery life has been improved and although Samsung has not yet opted for removable battery capacity of 3000 milliamp their very generous and provides up to 6 hours of operation in addition to last year’s models, according to producers.

The most significant change to the line of high end phones Koreans is the new 12 megapixel camera which although it has a lower resolution than the 16 megapixel last year, seems to do considerably better in conditions of low luminosity.

Samsung claims that camera performance in low light conditions are 56% good, and because of this very open aperture of F1.7.

Samsung said the new camera can focus three times faster than the model fitted to S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy phones. In addition and application launch speed camera has been improved and demos comparing the new Google Nexus S7 with 6P and an iPhone 6S have surprised audience.

From the point of view of software, both running Android 6.0 marshmellow terminals with proprietary interface called TouchWiz Samsung. There are a number of improvements which the manufacturers have brought swipe function of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone, but the company’s new trick is the function Always on display. This allows the phone to not “fall asleep” again, which means the clock, notifications, calendar or an image chosen by the user will always remain on the screen.

The display is of course the motion activated, so that if Google display. Samsung claims that this function consumes only half the percentage of battery per hour and if the proximity sensor is covered, ie if the phone is in your pocket or purse, the screen turns off.

Both phones will be available in Europe from March and will be available in three colors: black, gold and silver.

Although Samsung has not announced an official price for any of the device’s company representatives said the two phones will be positioned similarly on the market as last year’s models, which means that there will be no cheap: somewhere around 700 euros Samsung Galaxy S7 and 800 euros for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Besides Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone and S7 Edge Clone, Samsung has devoted particular attention to mobile devices unusual: Gear VR virtual reality helmet and a new small camera called Gear 360.

One of the most exciting moments of the conference in Barcelona was Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance as part of the demonstration Samsung for virtual reality helmet. How things move very quickly on the VR market, all major endeavor to launch their own products to define in a most unique and exciting user experience of smartphones in combination with such a kit. The partnership between Facebook and Samsung may provide Koreans have many curious glances eyeballs.

Camera Gear 360 is the first attempt to launch Koreans imaging market 360. The device is small and resembles a classic webcam. Gear 360 has a standard tripod mount and a series of simple and intuitive functions such as video recording at a resolution of 3840 by 1920 pixels and carrying 30 megapixel spherical image. Unfortunately the camera is compatible only with Samsung and the company did not disclose any plans towards ensuring compatibility with terminals from other manufacturers.